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The eXPerTeam s.r.l., founded in April 2006, is the first academic Spin-Off of the University of Cagliari and offers IT consultancy to businesses and Public Administration. The eXPerTeam S.r.l. supplies consultancy and mentoring services, developing object and Web-based software of high quality, thanks to the experience of its partners in the development processes in software Engineering, software metrics, agile methodology and Extreme Programming (XP). eXPerTeam S.r.l. uses advanced techniques of planning and production of the software, supplies very high level know how and is presented as a Centre of Competence in the field of software development. In support of the process, eXPerTeam produces two highly innovative instruments: JMetrics and Regulus.

JMetrics allows us to relieve the significant parameters of the object software, applying exclusive and new generation methods for the calculation of the metrics. 
Regulus is a tool for the management of the development processes, from the editing of the commercial agreement to the planning and the monitoring, capable of supporting the software development realised both in agile processes and with traditional processes.

For a complete profile the two instruments can be used together. Visit Regulus WebSite!

eXPerTeam offers full support and consultancy for the personalisation and the optimal user instructions of both instruments that derive from the high profile research of the software engineering carried out by the agile group of the University of Cagliari.

The eXPerTeam S.r.l. supplies System Integration services and consultancy providing the use of owners’ software solutions with solutions that use FLOSS (Free Open Source Software) and transferring the minor cost sustained in services to added value.
The consultancy activities rely upon the specific know how of the partners who possess many years of experience in the most complex business situations.

eXPerTeam offers:
- Consultancy and mentoring of processes, practices and instruments for improving the development processes and the quality of the software produced
- Personalisation and optimal user instructions of software instruments for the management of the development process and the measurement of the quality of the software
- Migration services and Open Source solutions, with the relative cost benefit analysis. - The management of the migration process occurs through activities of support and consultancy
- Training and start-up activities for the development and integration of personalised software systems based on FLOSS components
- Participation in RTI (Temporary Business Grouping) for public and private tenders, bringing their competences and the curricula vitae of the partners
- Consultancy activities, training, "body rental" in the IT systems sector and event organisation